Improving health assessments for children in out-of-home care

Objective 9.1:

Deliver better infant and perinatal support

Action 9.1.2:

Strengthen assessment of infants and young children, including in Moreton Bay and for children in out-of-home care

Whilst there is a National Clinical Assessment Framework for Children and Young People in Out-Of-Home Care[1], many health assessments were not being conducted in accordance with the Framework.

In response to this, the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women has funded a project led by the Brisbane South PHN and delivered in partnership with PHNs across the state. To deliver this project, Brisbane North PHN is working with a number of key stakeholders in the Caboolture region to better understand the issues that are preventing these assessments, and subsequent follow-up care, from occurring.

Stakeholders include Child Safety Caboolture, Queensland Health, Children’s Health Queensland, Primary healthcare providers; and young people in care.

Key Achievements

  • A stakeholder report has been prepared which highlights what is working well within the region and where there are opportunities for improvement
  • An information session for health professionals was held, to increase awareness of the scope of the work that will be occurring within the region over the coming years
  • A Community of Practice has been commenced, with professionals from within the sector
  • A ‘Children and Young People in Care’ HealthPathway has been developed in consultation with Children’s Health Queensland, supporting GPs to practice in accordance with the Framework.

Key Learnings

There was very little awareness amongst health professionals of the National Clinical Assessment Framework for Children and Young People in Out-Of-Home Care, which had lead to assessments not being conducted appropriately.

The newly formed Community of Practice is committed to better understanding the Framework, and there is widespread agreement that practices and processes need to change.

What’s Next?

Ongoing promotion of the Framework will continue to occur.


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