Engaging Queensland Alliance for Mental Health to progress activity

In July 2019, the PHN engaged Queensland Alliance for Mental Health – as the peak body advocating for community-based and socially-inclusive mental health care – to establish and lead a stakeholder group to work towards the achievement of the shared objectives in Chapter three.  The objectives focus on promotion and prevention strategies:

  • Promotion – enhancing social and emotional wellbeing, and quality of life
  • Prevention – reducing risk factors and enhancing protective factors.

Queensland Alliance for Mental Health have engaged a diverse group of stakeholders, including people with lived experience, who worked collaboratively to develop an implementation plan for 2019/2020.  The prioritised activities include:

  • Mapping, reviewing and promoting school-based programs that focus on building resilience of young people
  • Actively promoting the uptake of the Equally Well Consensus Statement – advocating for improved physical health for people with mental illness
  • Link people impacted by domestic and family violence to mental health support as needed
  • Reviewing and promoting relevant anti-stigma campaigns in the Brisbane North community.

Queensland Alliance for Mental Health will continue to lead and support the Sustaining Good Mental Health stakeholder group over 2019/2020, supporting implementation of the plan, and providing advice and guidance to the PHN on how to incorporate the promotion and sustainability of good mental health across other areas of the Plan.

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