Building the Resilience of Carers

As part of the regular support members of the PPIMS Network provide to each other, the need to support and build the resilience of PPIMS members who were carers was identified.

Neami National was invited to work with carers within the PPIMS Network to adapt their Optimal Health Program[1] to focus on the needs of carers.  The Optimal Health Program was born out of research to develop a self-management program promoting hope, growth and collaboration.  It uses a collaborative therapy approach that supports the exploration of an individual’s wellbeing through reflection, setting of goals, self-managed strategies and health plans. The program is designed to support participants to manage stresses and vulnerabilities, and to address health behaviours that contribute to poor quality of life.

Objective 2.2:

Better care for families and carers

Action 2.2.1:

Encourage providers to incorporate approaches such as the six partnership standards for working with carers and to undertake any associated self-assessment processes

Following consultation with the PPIMS Network, the program was tweaked and tailored to a ‘carer’ audience, and a small pilot of the ‘Optimal Health Program for Carers’ was trialled.  The program covered:

  • Strategies to optimise and maintain health and wellbeing
  • An understanding of stress, vulnerabilities, strengths and strategies
  • The identification of collaborative partners and a support network
  • A plan to maintain mental health, manage stress and periods of being unwell
  • Tools to manage effective change.

Feedback from the program was extremely positive, and investigations to continue delivery are ongoing.


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