Building resilience to help with every day concerns

The New Access program delivered by Richmond Fellowship Queensland is helping people to better understand their distress, and supporting them to implement practical and accessible strategies to address it.

Objective 3.1:

Build the resilience of individuals, families and communities

Action 3.1.1

Review evidence-informed resilience building interventions and promote effective options

The New Access[1] program is evidence-based, following 10+ years of research, including a three-year trial in Australia.  New Access coaches use low-intensity cognitive behavioural therapy to support people to gain an understanding of what is causing their distress, and guide the use of tools and strategies that can be used to address the distress.

I am stressing less, l have learnt how to laugh again, and have more confidence with ‘me’. I have learnt what are the worries I need to be concerned about and throw the rest away.” (New Access Participant).

Key Achievements

The New Access program has been accessed by close to 300 people across North Brisbane during the 2018/2019 financial year, with the vast majority of people demonstrating an improvement in their wellbeing following completion of the program.  In addition to improvements in wellbeing and reduced distress, Richmond Fellowship Queensland proudly assert that 100% of New Access participants who completed the Satisfaction Survey in 2018/2019 responded all the time or most of the time to the following questions:

  • Did staff listen to you and treat your concerns seriously?
  • Do you feel that the service has helped you to better understand and address your difficulties?
  • Did you feel involved in making choices about your treatment and care?
  • On reflection, did you get the help that mattered to you?
  • Did you have confidence in your coach and their skills and techniques?

What’s Next?

Demand for the New Access Program continues to grow in the region – due largely to the connection with beyondblue, and their considerable social media reach, but also due to the quality service that is provided, and people sharing their experiences with others.  Conversations between Richmond Fellowship Queensland, and the other agencies who are delivering low intensity services in the region are ongoing, in an attempt to ensure all people who are seeking low intensity services can access services in a timely fashion.


Get involved

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